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I/E Logistics is a business solution that facilitates the automation of export operations.

For more than 18 years, I/E Logistics has provided tools to corporations that import and export products around the world, helping them to increase the profitability of their export divisions.

I/E Logistics facilitates the automation of import/export logistics, enabling minimal personnel the capacity to handle large order volume.

I/E Logistics improves logistic processes and coordination between different distribution centers and/or manufacturing facilities

I/E Logistics is designed to prevent the double-entry of information as well as to automate repetitive processes through the use of an exception-based system that minimizes human intervention


I/E Logistics increases the profitability of your export division:

  • Minimizing time spent processing export orders
  • Facilitating communication with clients and providers through the use of automated operations
  • Providing total control over all export operations
  • Improving constantly, through the use of indicators
  • Providing an efficient electronic documentation archival system
  • Facilitating inter-department communication and operations